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 About Pulse 

We started out thinking about how we can bring our knowledge and expertise in a very specific field of medicine to children within the developing world and realized we could use our position to bring attention to more than just the deficiencies in healthcare for infants and children.

PULSE was created by pediatric intensive care physicians and nurses, who shared a similar interest in international medicine and global outreach. Many have participated in international medical missions in various countries around the world and/or work in medically undeserved communities within the United States.

We all share a common goal in increasing access to acute and intensive care services for children living in any region, by increasing knowledge among pediatric practitioners and other healthcare workers, increasing Pediatric critical care subspecialty presence through innovative communication technologies and providing technologies that are needed to provide ICU care that is adaptable to resource-limited settings.

PULSE volunteers come from diverse educational and professional backgrounds but share a similar interest in using our time and talents to focus resources to improve the standards of medical care for children worldwide. Our volunteers are both capable in providing the highest standards of medical care as well as creative individuals whose fundraising events are productive and endearing. Join us in tackling serious problems that face healthcare for children worldwide and have a great time doing it!

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